Thursday, March 29, 2012


You know what it is like when the clock chimes at 2.30am and you have been awake for hours, you can't get back to sleep, sooo... you switch the computer on and you plan a new blog site!
Well ... that is what I did this morning...
This new blog is designed for those of you who are into 'challengers'...only this is not a challenge as we know it. I provide very obscure words that I have gleaned from the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY and you take whatever word you would like to use and "expand the possibilities"!
There is no time for you to develop on image, but when you have done so... add it to your blog and then write a comment on the EXPAND blog and we will then be able to see what 'possibles' you have created.
I will keep on adding obscure words, so make sure that you keep on checking to see what arises!
Here is the link....
Have fun, I do hope that you will join in. I look forward to seeing your "possibles"!

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