Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three Muses: Circus

As part of this challenge please click here to watch this video

Isn't it rich?  
Are we a pair?  
Me here at last on the ground,  
You in mid-air.  
Send in the clowns.

Isn't it bliss? 
Don't you approve?  
One who keeps tearing around, 
One who can't move.  
Where are the clowns?  
Send in the clowns.

Just when I'd stopped  
Opening doors,  
Finally knowing  
The one that I wanted was yours, 
Making my entrance again  
With my usual flair, 
Sure of my lines, 
No one is there.

Don't you love farce?  
My fault, I fear.  
I thought that you'd want what I want -  
Sorry, my dear. 
But where are the clowns?  
There ought to be clowns 
Quick, send in the clowns.

What a surprise. 
Who could foresee 
I'd come to feel about you  
What you'd felt about me?  
Why only now when i see  
That you'd drifted away?  
What a surprise.  
What a cliché.

Isn't it rich? 
Isn't it queer?  
Losing my timing this late  
In my career?  
And where are the clowns?  
Quick, send in the clowns. 
Don't bother - they're here.


  1. Lovely song and I can almost find your clown bearable! (Not you, it's just me!) LOL! xx

  2. Glenys, of all musicians who ever sang this song, YOU picked the most sensitive and dramatic performance !
    With upcoming tears I watched this video and felt so touched !
    I thank you very much for sharing this with us and I think....
    this was one off your very best posts ever together with your clown !!!
    A big hug from me !!!

  3. That clown looks familiar! But your treatment is so superior. Lovely, lovely work and that song is one of my faves.

    P.S. I am NOT a robot!

  4. Oh, I just listened to Dame Judi. I didn't know she could sing! I agree with Riann--very touching. Thank you, Glenys.

  5. You have my total admiration for this, Glenys. It is definitely something special and so so cleverly done. A standing o from my corner.

  6. Hello~

    I'm stopping by from "Three Muses" to take a peek at your art.

    Love it!!


  7. Wow this is mystical.
    Amazing piece.

  8. I've always loved that song! Your circus art is outstanding, Glenys. You certainly haven't lost your touch! Thanks for joining us at Three Muses this week.

  9. A brilliant digital portrait Glenys- very effective and moving!

  10. Very cool! I have always loved that song.

  11. thanks for all of your wonerful comments...much appreciated

  12. Magical, emouvant & powerful image & song!
    Bravo Glenys!

  13. Love the song and the colors!